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Is There A Cost To Tracking Digital Campaigns?

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its not expensive at all. One phone number will only cost you a small set up charge if used as part of a google ads campaign. When you relate this back to all the badly placed advertising that never worked you can see that this tool is invaluable and will increase your sales by knowing what advertising works and what does not! Call recording, Works!. Its an add on to the Google Dada studio and you also have the option to use a google number. But if you want that local number touch then getting a tracking number from someone like Call rail would be best.

Track Digital & Traditional Channel's


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service?  But how can you track sales and ROI against digital media like Google Ads AKA AdWords PPC or your local newspaper or even a poster on the side bus.Now you can track and even listen back on your calls. 100% know where that lead of sale came from. Talk to us about the best solution. We are happy to advise and if we have to buy in a few extra number for a perfect digital marketing campaign, we will! 

How Tracking A Phone Number Works

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Customers have questions, we have answers. The most frequently asked questions are, how does it work and how can I listen back on my calls, how do you know that the lead or sale came from Google search (Pay Per Click) answer is they are dynamic phone numbers... Just code. Between the time someone clicks on your Google Ad and lands on your 'Landing Page' the phone number gets swapped! But if customers go through to your site organically... They see your original phone number.  

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