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Colin Mansell with 30 years of high level experience in the digital marketing and agency space. Working with high level clients and large budgets I can create Highly Successful Google AdWords, SEO Campaigns, Google Shopping, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, ROI Tracking, Call Recording... And more!

Colin Mansell Award Winning

 I'm  so much more than a digital guy!... I help grow your business and can increase your sales, cut your costs and work as part of your team. I have built campaigns for Banks, Retail, Heavy Industry, SAAS and many other businesses both locally, Nationally and on an international level.  

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Google Shopping Campaigns to die for!

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I can create and run your Google  Shopping or Merchant campaigns. Help with setting it up, product matrix and everything else you need for a 'checkout' campaign. I'm using the new Google tech that tracks ROI on individual products. 

No longer will you have to put up with non selling but well clicked products ripping a whole in your Google Shopping budget. We can track the whole journey and tell you which products to drop and which ones to load more budget on. You will be able to see CPL cost per lead. At your fingertips.

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Contrast is a specialist Digital Marketing Agency Based In The Lace Market

Our campaigns are specially crafted and designed around the insights we gather about your business.

We create strategies from a wide range of data sources and perform in-depth analysis to see where your business sits in the digital landscape amongst your competitors.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. The strategy we develop delivers the most effective methods that drive business growth. If our clients are thriving then so are we.

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What Are People Saying About Colin?

Christiana Clogg

From "The Good Surgeon Guide" Colin exudes a level of creativity and intellect that all recognise and find inspiring. A genuinely nice person who delivers even in challenging times. Colin is a credit to himself and anyone lucky enough to work with him.

Things I Can Help You With

Google AdWords PPC


PPC (pay per click) advertising on Google otherwise known as 'Google AdWords' or 'Search' is a very powerful and cost effective way of driving customers to your website. We are using the new tech that tracks ROI and even records calls. We build and run your campaign so you don't have to. 

Google Shopping

Google shopping Nottingham, google AdWords, ng1, Digital media, marketing person,

Having trouble setting up your Google Shopping 'Merchant' campaign. Or spending lots of your Google budget for no sales. We can help! With set up and also tracking ROI for each product your offer online. Never let one bad selling, high visit product eat your budget again. 

Google Remarketing

Google remarketing, remark, cookies, visits to your website bouncing off, AdWords, PPC, ng17hl

Getting lots of visitors to your website but they are not buying... You are sure your offer is good but conversion's are low. Why not 'Stalk' them for 90 days. Each time they open their browser your message and logo is ready to re invite them back with an offer they can't refuse! Low cost per click too. 

Google Display Network

Google Display network. Googlenaut. Nottingham. Ng1, AdWords, PPC, great rates

Display your banner adverts all over the internet, by age, interest, geographic location or by website name. Great for brand awareness or snap offers and sales.

Social Media & SEO

We build social media campaign, Googlenaut, Nottingham, derby, Newark, digital strategic consultant

Let us build and run your social media campaign, professional content and live replying to your customers. We can also SEO (Search engine optimisation)  your website to drive free traffic and increase sales. 

Consultancy Services

Digital consultant, advise on Google. Marketing, Google Shopping, Adwords, Nottingham

Customers have questions, we have the answers. Before you go signing contracts, buying tech or blowing money on Google. Talk to the experts. We can advise  and make a plan.

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Lets Talk Business & Digital Sales...

I love my customers, so feel to invite me to visit you during normal business hours. I can talk you through my digital services offered and guide you through the world of Lead Generation and online sales. 

We have helped grow many businesses online both locally and nationally. We can provide fantastic testimony from customers that are delighted with our achievements.  

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